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Merchworld specializes in merchandising and branding for the music and entertainment industry.

The idea took form after some of us had seen the differences between how merchandise was taken care of in the USA compared to Europe, especially Scandinavia. We knew that we could do a lot to develop and create a better solution for both the artists and their fans. Action speaks louder than words and in 2005 Merchworld Inc was on to go.


The Market

No more standing still. We got to speak and move - Embrace

While downloading and sharing music as creative ideas spread through the world, the music industry got scared to death. Instead of adaptation to the development - they unloaded their guns and took legal action against pirates like Napster and Kazaa. Our belief is that fans will find other ways to support their favourite bands and artists. Internet opens up for the foundation of new relations for fans and music- and entertainment related products and services. We want to be apart of that.

Consuming music is easier every day with digital and analogue television and radio as an example. This situation has led parts of the music business to find new ways to survive. While the record sales are dropping in Sweden, focus has turned on tours and events. An mp3 can't replace being in front of a stage seeing your favourite band or artist live. People are more willing to pay for this kind of experience. Back in the days you made records to tour - now you tour to sell records. Communication as marketing is more important than ever. If you can't communicate with your fans on stage, on homepages or communities - it's hard to build a fan base.


Not just a T-shirt

Falling record sales has also led to decreasing tour support and advances to artists. An effect of this is that artist has become more independent from the record companies. If shows are the new thing merchandise is another. Merchandise goes hand in hand with shows - for some bands it's even their main income. Merchandise is also about communication. This is a way to make a statement and illustrate what kind of attitude you as a band or artist stand for. You should not underestimate people's spirit to be a part of something. It's not just a T-shirt - it's about attitude, lifestyle and fashion.


Our Vision

People's call for fashion has grown in the Western Europe. People are more willing to pay for quality and exclusive individual products. Merchandise on the other hand is seen by many as cheap advertisement. Our vision is to change both the artists and the fans attitude about this.

On our path towards this change we work with fashionable brands like American Apparel® and Continental Clothing® to provide a more exclusive range of products. We also work with well-known brands like Neutral®, Fruit of the Loom® and Gildan® to provide high standard and quality. We try to find new ways to improve how garments are printed and how artwork is placed. We also want to offer an easy and modern web store for our costumers and clients.

Mattias Foldemark


Merchworld Inc